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FAQs & Patient Resources

(1) How does the APS Belmar Pharmacy Team work with our healthcare partners, physicians and patients?

In order to develop the best treatment options, compounding requires a collaboration between the patient, physician and pharmacist. At APS Belmar, our Pharmacy Team works directly with our healthcare partners, physicians and patients to create sterile and nonsterile medications “from scratch” and customize them by strength, dosage form and flavor as well as by various compounding forms to meet patients’ specific needs. We also work closely with our healthcare partners to make the prescribing and ordering process as easy as possible for them.

(2) In which therapeutic classes do you offer medication?

We offer medications in several therapeutic classes, including but not limited to Hormone Therapy, Weight Management, Sexual Wellness, Thyroid, Adrenal and Immune Support, Dermatology, Brain Health and Nutritional Support.

(3) How quickly can each prescription be fulfilled?

Since APS Belmar Pharmacy maintains an extensive inventory of ingredients, we can compound medications within a 24- to 72-hour processing time. Following that, we’ll ship your medications nationally to your doorstep using one of three major carriers.

(4) How does APS Belmar ensure quality in their products?

We take several steps to guarantee our products’ quality. The members of our Quality Control Unit ensure that our customized medications and compounding methods meet the standards defined by States Boards of Pharmacy, FDA Section 503A and applicable Chapters of the United States Pharmacopeia. In addition, our Clean Room compounding facility is Certified to ISO 7 standards, and our preparations are constantly tested by reputable third-party labs to meet States Board of Pharmacy Rules and Regulations.

(5) How do I place an order?

Our preferred method for receiving prescriptions is through LifeFile, a portal which offers physicians secure online access to our electronic prescription management system. When you get started with APS Belmar, we’ll provide your practice with a LifeFile account and help coordinate your LifeFile training.

With LifeFile’s ordering and tracking system, you’ll enjoy complete transparency of the entire process and can follow along step-by-step as your order moves through our pharmacy. Some common questions about order status include:

  • What does RPH clarification mean?

A clinical issue has stopped the processing of the order. A pharmacist will contact you for clarification, or—to address the issue more quickly—you can call 727-787-4137, ext. 2, with your order number and ask to speak to a pharmacist.

  • What does Pending Doctor Call Back mean?

We have tried to contact you regarding an issue with your order, so you should call 727-787-4137, ext. 2, with your order number.

  • What does Pending Patient Call Back mean?

We have tried to contact your patient regarding either payment or instructions for their prescription but have not heard back from them. You can reach out to your patient and inform them the pharmacy is trying to contact them.

  • What does RPH final check mean?

The prescription is going through its final review by a pharmacist before it ships. If the order is not stopped for an error, it will likely leave the building that day.

  • How can I track shipping?

Tracking will be available through whichever shipping carrier you choose.

(6) Are there limits on quantities?

Sometimes. We are bound to state laws, and this may limit the supply we can send to patients. Also, based on the medication BUD, we can only ship as much as the dating will allow.

(7) What are the shipping options?

We offer a number of shipping options for your medications. While our preferred carrier is UPS, we also offer shipping through FedEx and the United States Postal Service. In addition, a variety of shipping speeds—from Ground to Next Day Priority—are available to you.

(8) Do you sell supplies?

We do. However, following the requirements of the Florida Board of Pharmacy, APS Belmar Pharmacy requires that all supplies—including but not limited to needles, syringes, mixing kits and sharps containers—must be written on the prescription in order to be filled. To avoid delays, please include the size and quantity of the desired supplies.

(9) Do you sell lyophilized medications?

There are numerous benefits to prescribing, processing and shipping lyophilized medications, so from time to time we do offer them. Please note that we do require that mixing instructions as well as any necessary supplies (such as mixing diluent, syringes or needles) be included on the prescription.

(10) Does APS Belmar meet state and federal compliance standards with regards to Controlled Substances?

Absolutely—it is our practice to meet or exceed all state and federal requirements for which a compounding pharmacy will be held accountable. As laws do change frequently, APS Belmar is committed to keeping you and your staff up-to-date, informed and compliant on state and federal regulations related to pharmacy.

(11) Does APS Belmar offer LifeFile training?

Yes, we’re happy to offer a variety of LifeFile trainings at no charge to you. LifeFile’s support team provides self-paced video training as well as scheduled technical training, while APS Belmar features a LifeFile expert on staff who is available for live customized training and technical and application support. We also work closely with LifeFile, so sometimes your training will be a joint effort from both organizations to get you on your way to successful prescribing!

(12) In addition to easy ordering, what are the benefits of using the LifeFile portal?

Overall, using LifeFile means you and your staff will enjoy greater efficiency and increased workflow management. LifeFile reduces errors, eliminates unnecessary phone calls, allows you to track prescriptions from start to finish, lets you catch up on order statuses outside of business hours, increases accountability, and much more.

(13) What is the best way to address a billing question?

Please call our Accounting & Billing Department at 727-787-4137, ext. 3, to address any questions about your invoices or to change your credit card on file.

(14) What is the best way to contact APS?

Our customer service department is available Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST. You can call 727-787-4137, ext. 2, or email

The APS Belmar Pharmacy Team is here to make your life just a little easier. Let us know how we did today at

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