Healthcare Partners

Physicians choose APS Pharmacy as their healthcare partner because of our commitment to quality without compromise. The APS Pharmacy Team is the reliable healthcare partner that your practice and your patients deserve.

Continuous quality improvements ensure that our customized medications and compounding methods meet USP <797> sterility, <795> nonsterility, and <800> safe handling of hazardous drugs standards.

Preparations are constantly tested by outside third-party labs and in-house for sterility and endotoxins.

APS Pharmacy’s compounding facility is extensively inspected and is ISO 7 Certified.

APS Pharmacy is a 503A and this designation requires all of our prescriptions be written “patient specific” by the prescriber.

Our philosophy is relentless focus on our patients; everything we do is to improve your patient's experience.

How do we do this?

  • APS Pharmacy has a dedicated customer service department to facilitate faster turnaround times. This includes tracking packages, refills, trouble shooting, expediting orders, and rectifying any customer service issues. This department is in place to save you and your patients a ton of aggravation, as well as alleviate the burden on your staff. The APS Customer Service Team will do all your heavy lifting. E-mail the Customer Service Team, cs@APSmeds.com.

Does your patient have questions or concerns? The APS Pharmacist Staff has the answers.

  • APS has 12 experienced pharmacists on staff; their specialty is compounding integrative medicine.
  • The APS Pharmacist Staff's goal is to advance your patients' health outcomes through counseling, adherence, risk reduction, and continuous quality improvement.
  • Our staff builds confidence and trust with your patients because our pharmacists listen and are responsive to your patients' individual needs and concerns.


We offer our healthcare partners the ability to e-prescribe using LifeFile. LifeFile offers physicians and staff greater efficiency and increased workflow management. Some features include:

  • HIPAA Compliant – it’s secure
  • Electronic Prescription Ordering System
  • Reduce errors, paper, & unnecessary phone calls
  • Track prescriptions from start to finish Increase accountability

Secondly, prescribers can use SureScripts. Please call us at (727) 787-4137, extension 1027 for the SID number.

For more information on prescribing compounded medications through APS Pharmacy, please feel free to call us or send an email to newphysician@apsmeds.com

SureScripts- (Please call for SID Number)

The APS Pharmacy Team, with a patient-focused culture, is here to make your life and your patients' lives a little bit easier. Let's get started today.